Sunday, October 10, 2010

Animation Sans Frontières

A week from today I will be flying to Stuttgart for the first module of Animation Sans Frontières,the European Animation Production Workshop. Animation Sans Frontières is supported by the MEDIA Programme, and consists of an 8-week programme run by and at, four of the most prestigious Animation Film schools in Europe (that I so admire):
I feel very privileged to have been one of the sixteen European Animators and recent-graduates to be selected, and was very humbled when I saw the blogs and websites of my very talented fellow-participants.
The workshops and lectures will address the international markets and production tools from pitching to line production. We will be shown different case studies as well as visiting different studios. Alongside the finance and production thread, we will also have the chance to develop our own creative projects, have brainstorms, create a project bible and pitch our own ideas. They also put a lot of emphasis in new platforms, formats and technologies.

I am very excited, very flattered and cannot wait to start this new adventure. I will make sure I'll write at least one post for each module/school. So watch this space!

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